season. We recommend three to four applications applied equally throughout the season. The number of applications will be determined based on site conditions, type of soil, and presence of irrigation. Applications will be in conjunction with other turf treatments or in granular formations applied separately. Materials will be balanced turf grade fertilizers, registered for turf applications.

Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control will be applied in the Spring to provide a protective barrier for control of the emergence of crabgrass and other grass type weeds. Applications will be timed and applied prior to the presence of crabgrass plants or in the early stages of growth. When/if plants have emerged we will substitute a pre-post emergent crabgrass control, to obtain optimum control. The products used will be registered for turf applications and applied at specified rates for maximum control.

Broadleaf Weed Control will be applied in the Spring and Fall to control broadleaf weeds in the primary turf areas. Applications will be timed to control weed development of both warm season and cool season weeds. Materials will be applied as a liquid application to achieve maximum control. Products will be registered for turf applications.

Weed Control of Hard Surface Areas such as pavement cracks and crevices will occur as determined by site conditions. Control of weeds will be either manual or with chemicals. Chemical weed control will be accomplished with materials registered for hard surface applications.

Insect and Fungus Control are generally applied on an as needed basis. As there are many types of insects and diseases, there are specific chemicals to handle specific problems. We will evaluate the trouble areas and apply the proper chemical for maximum benefit.

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Turf Maintenance
Primary Turf Mowing & Trimming begins in April. All designated turf areas will be mowed weekly during active growth periods. In conjunction with each mowing, policing of landscape areas will occur; mechanical trimming shall be performed around all buildings and other obstacles within turf areas. Clippings will be mulched into the turf.

All sidewalks, streets and patios will be cleared of clippings and landscape debris. During periods of slow growth, when dry conditions persist, a longer mowing cycle will be utilized, based on a ten to fourteen day schedule.

Secondary Turf Mowing (meadows, fields, basins, etc.) begins when grasses reach a height of six to eight inches and will be mowed as needed as determined by site conditions to maintain a height of four inches. The mowing will be performed with riding mowers and or tractors with minimal hand trimming performed. Clippings will be dispersed over the mowed area with no removal performed.

Edging of all hard surface areas  including curb lines, walks and patios will normally occur during mowing operations. Surfaces will be edged to maintain a neat appearance. Edging will consist of mechanical edging with a steel blade. All debris generated through this operation will be blown off or swept prior to completion.

Fertilization of all primary turf areas occurs in the Spring and Fall each
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