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Planting Bed Maintenance
Mulching of planted bed areas if to follow spring clean-up all previously mulched beds and tree rings will be re-mulched to maintain a depth of two (2) inches of material. We will apply mulch consistently to all designated bed areas, using premium quality double shredded bark mulch. Care will be given to properly spread material to prevent a buildup of excessive material at the base of plants.

Bed Maintenance consists of all weeding, edging, and cultivation of beds and tree rings. We will begin bed care following spring cleanup and mulching, and maintain bed areas throughout the season. Weeds will be removed from the beds through either manual or chemical methods. Manual weeding will occur as needed and in all shrub, groundcover, and flower bed areas. Chemical weed control will be accomplished with both pre-emergent and post emergent weed control materials. Products will be registered for application on planting bed areas.

Trimming & Pruning of shrubs, groundcover, and ornamental trees will be performed to ensure a professionally maintained appearance. Pruning will consist of removal of all dead wood and crossing branches as well as normal seasonal reduction and thinning, pruning normally occurs in early spring in conjunction with Spring clean-up and during dormant periods in the Summer and winter. Shrub trimming will consist of removal of seasonal growth, following growth periods, normally during spring and summer.

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Tree suckers and shoot growth will be pruned as needed. Tree trimming and pruning shall be limited to ornamental and flowering trees, less than (8) inch caliper, and can be reached from the ground. Plant rejuvenation and heavy corrective pruning are not included in normal seasonal functions and are best scheduled in the Winter, and priced as a separate function.

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